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We bring World Music to the National Capital Region and also to other cities of India

LORRAINE MUSIC ACADEMY exists to access and promote the rich heritage of World Music. With this purpose we exist for all those who love music and desire to learn and play a musical instrument. Hence we teach you to play the Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Singing, Band Show… We have a faculty of internationally qualified musicians. Here our team of musicians are trained under the able guidance of Lorraine Fiona Aloysius, our Creative Director & Principal. We teach western classical, pop, rock, jazz, etc music to children and adults.

LORRAINE MUSIC ACADEMY is focused on World Music Education. We desire to build a state-of- the-art World School of Music. Here we focus on music learning from the very basic level, building strong foundations, in order to reach global standards. Moreover, we also desire to bring about a fusion of Western and Indian music. Further, we have a firm belief in our students. We indeed believe that if our students can talk, then they can sing. It is also our belief that if they can write, then they can draw. We surely believe that if they can use their hands, then they can play a musical instrument.

Learning music at Lorraine Music Academy is great fun. Here, learning music enables you to learn the foundations of music in the proper way. Thus learning music with us enables you to perform confidently in front of people at home, at parties and at public gatherings, events and concerts.

We touch lives through Music

Touching lives through music, Lorraine Music Academy exists to revive the rich custom of world music. Thus, we bring harmony to children, their families and the people at large too. Indeed, Lorraine Music Academy serves the community through musical learning and education, workshops, recitals, concerts, public shows and performing arts.

For this purpose, Lorraine Music Academy puts together frequent Concerts / Workshops / Public Performances. We do this to share the winning spirit of love, joy, peace and harmony. Thus, we inspire children and adults to take up learning to play a musical instrument and sing. Therefore, through musical channels we wish to provide children with social, educational and skill development chance. As a result, we also aim to promote in them a sense of self-esteem, achievement and pride. Here we maintain a special learning environment. Hence, the setting is designed in order to provide a rich and pleasing musical experience for each student. Our students include children, teens, youth and adults.

Learn Piano in Gurgaon


Our PIANO Program & Course for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Learn Electric Keyboard in Gurgaon


ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD Program & Course for children, teenagers, youth & adults



Our GUITAR Programs & Courses for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Learn Violin in Gurgaon


Our VIOLIN Program & Course for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Learn Drums in Gurgaon


DRUMS Program & Course for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Vocal and Solo Singing Classes

SINGING (Vocal / Solo)

Our SINGING (Vocal / Solo) Program & Course for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Learn Singing Choral Choir in Gurgaon

SINGING (Choral / Choir)

Our SINGING (Choral / Choir) Program & Course for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Musical Theatre


MUSICAL THEATRE is about Music, Singing, Spoken Dialogue, Acting and Dancing

Elocution and Public Speaking Classes in Gurgaon


Our ELOCUTION & PUBLIC SPEAKING classes, workshops and communications programs

Speech and Drama


At our SPEECH & DRAMA classes and workshops, we will help you experience many worlds

Band Performance


The definition of a “BAND” is the coming together of a few people

Ensemble Performance


An ENSEMBLE in Performing Arts is a group of people (musicians, singers, dancers or actors)…

What do people say about us?

Indeed, millions have been impacted through Lorraine Music Academy. These include students, parents and the community at large. Certainly you would like to know what people have to say about us. To be sure, please click to read and view various testimonials.

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Greek thinkers Plato (4th / 5th Century BC) and Aristotle (4th Century BC) agreed on something very crucial. In order to produce the right kind of person, the two foremost pillars required are “Music” & “Sports / Gymnastics”.

  • Music for the discipline of the mind
  • Sports for the discipline of the body

Music learnt the right way is being looked at as an intellectual pursuit, which is fundamental to education. Hence, just as a student learns math, he / she should have a basic knowledge and grasp of music. While age old beliefs are coming back to life, at the same time modern research is important. Indeed, recent research has proven that learning music significantly improves memory, concentration, spatial thinking, and creativity. Moreover, music education is looked on as a spiritual and emotional essential for today’s stressed out generation. Therefore, music learning is vital for both children and adults.


  • Helps people come TOGETHER

  • Helps people work better in TEAMS

  • Enhances higher BRAIN function

  • Helps higher INTELLIGENCE

  • Enhances our CREATIVE ABILITY

  • Helps us to RELAX

  • Music is a great STRESS BUSTER


  • Music makes us HEALTHY (Mentally, Emotionally, Physically)

benefit of music educationCome, explore the BENEFITS of music. BOOK your appointment NOW!

You will receive a musical evaluation, consultation & advice on how to develop your / child’s musical talent.

eMPoWeRiNG CHiLDReN & aDuLTS To DiSCoVeR THeiR HiDDeN MuSiCaL TaLeNTS Our experience over the years confirms that children who learn music achieve a significantly higher level of excellence in anything they do.

“Music is food for the soul. For example, good food and good exercise gives you good physical stability. Likewise, a good diet of the right kind of music gives you mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual stability. Thus, music helps the creative process and sparks the imagination and ideas. When this musical imagination and experience of singing our National Anthem is ignited in a group circumstance, we have the most extraordinary power to change young lives for positive living and nation-building.” Aubrey Aloysius, founder of the Lorraine Music Academy

As a result of Lorraine Music Academy’s CSR & Responsible Citizenship initiative, we support LAMP Trust. The following are LAMP Trust’s Nation Building Projects utilising Music and the Arts – Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts:

Fundamental Duties of every Citizen of India:

  • “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem.”
    – Article 51A(a) of the Constitution of India
  • “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom.”
    – Article 51A(b) of the Constitution of India

Nation Building Projects


(A MUSICAL MEMORIAL)jai jawan jai kisan musical event 22 oct 2016

The project is a Musical Memorial to observe the Anniversary of the famous slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”. This slogan was coined by our Nation’s Hero, Bharat Ratna Lal Bahadur Shastri. He gave this slogan to our nation in order to inspire the Soldiers and the Farmers of our country. When Lal Bahadur Shastri took over as prime minister of India after Jawaharlal Nehru’s death, India was attacked by Pakistan. Meanwhile India was facing several years of drought and scarcity of food grain. Thus this slogan enthused the Soldiers of our nation to defend India. Simultaneously it cheered the Farmers of our nation to do their very best to increase the production of food grain. As a result, we reduced our dependence on import and thereby India became a self reliant nation.

Bharat Ratna Lal Bahadur Shastri gave this slogan in October 1965 at a public meeting at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. In fact, under his inspiring leadership, India faced and repulsed the Pakistani invasion of 1965. By all means the 1965 war was fought and won for our self-respect and our national prestige. Indeed, the battle against the shortage of food grains was fought for our nation’s self reliance. This slogan became very popular and still resounds across the length and breadth of the country. Surely this slogan is still relevant to the India of our next generation. This slogan translates in English as “Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer”.


(A Live Action Feature Film)

This is a feature length film based. It is based on in-depth research of available records. Also, it is built on detailed interviews with the family members of Bharat Ratna Lal Bahadur Shastri. This film also draws insights from key leaders who have played a role in nation building across various sectors.

This film is the story of a fatherless boy who was born on the banks of the river Ganga. It is an untold story of a boy who faced severe trials thrown at him by poverty. Moreover, it is a true story of sheer dint of dedication, sincerity and high character. As a result, he rose steadily to occupy the highest position in the land. Yes, he became the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy!

Moreover, it is said that “No legacy is as rich as HONESTY”. Yes, he was born poor. Did he die poor? No, he did not leave behind money or land for his family. Yet he left a rich inheritance and legacy of honesty! Not just for his close family members, but for his larger family – the nation of India, and the world. Without doubt a model citizen who became an inspiring leader! Indeed, an Unsung Hero!


(A MUSICAL CONCERT)come_india-sing_project

This project is a series of Musical Concerts. It  gives a clarion call to 1.27 Billion Indians to stand together for one cause – the Unity of India. This is a call to sing one song – our National Anthem. To sing it in the correct code as laid out in the Constitution of India, which is around 52 seconds. This project is based on the nurturing  of the unique potential of the children and youth set in India today.

In fact, we believe firmly that tomorrow belongs to the young people of today. As India gains influence on the global stage, we aim to give great young minds and talent a voice in the shaping of our nation. Indeed, few countries so aptly represent the inspiring and vital cultural ethos of “Unity in Diversity” as India. Moreover, music transcends cultural borders and acts as the greatest symbol for social harmony. Surely, coming together in singing our National Anthem strengthens us to believe in the potential we have to influence our nation. Coming together and creating art and music at any time strengthens us to believe in the potential we have to influence the world.

Our Latest Video

Click below to view our YouTube Channel. Here you will find videos featuring students of Lorraine Music Academy, citizens of India and Professional Performers. These also include singing, playing various musical instruments, dance performances and performing arts presentations. Further, it also includes highlights of our Nation Building Project “Come India Sing…”

We conduct our music lessons at our Music learning centers situated in Gurgaon / Gurugram, National Capital Region of Delhi. Our music classes are held after school hours (afternoons & evenings) on weekdays including on Saturdays. We do not conduct our music course programs on Sundays which is our weekly holiday.