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We bring World Music to the National Capital Region & other cities of India

LORRAINE MUSIC ACADEMY exists to access & promote the rich heritage of World Music to all those who love music and desire to appreciate and play an instrument (Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Drums, Singing....). We have a faculty of internationally qualified musicians under the talented leadership of Lorraine Fiona Aloysius, our Creative Director & Principal. We teach western classical, pop, jazz, rock, etc music to children & adults.

LORRAINE MUSIC ACADEMY is focused on World Music Education. We desire to build a state-of- the-art World School of Music. We also desire to bring about a fusion of Western and Indian music. We believe that if our students can talk, they can sing; if they can write, they can draw and if they can use their hands, then they can play an instrument (if they desire to).

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Why We Exist

Touching lives through music, Lorraine Music Academy exists to access and promote the rich heritage of world music – bringing music to children, their families and the community at large.

Certification Courses

  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, U.K.
  • Trinity College London, U.K.
  • Trinity Guildhall, U.K.
  • RockSchool, U.K.

Benefits of Music

  • helps people come together
  • helps people work better in teams
  • enhances higher brain function
  • helps higher intelligence
  • enhances our creative ability


Music Lessons for Children (4 to 17 years)

Very often we meet parents who complain that they would love their children to play well, or they are learning music but the children are just not motivated enough to practice and spend time with their instrument. Sometimes, children are so eager to learn and they have such great talent, but both parents...

Music Lessons for Adults (18 to 85 years)

Do you regret not pursuing music as a child? Do you wish to learn a musical instrument and discover your talent? Do you believe you have more hidden talents and creativity within you than you have discovered so far? Do you desire to play an instrument or sing at the next party or family gathering

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