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Elocution & Public Speaking

Why you should choose Lorraine Music Academy

Our Elocution & Public Speaking classes, workshops and communications programs, will help you experience many worlds for yourself in the company of others. You will receive Elocution & Public Speaking lessons that will help you to understand, develop, and prepare the content of communication in line with the context of communication, be it inter-personal or public speaking situations.

Many people, little or big, irrespective of how intelligent, rich, good looking, or well placed they are, believe that have some big fear of speaking in public. It is not so much the fear of speaking but the fear of being looked at and listened and judged to by many people. What if the audience does not like them? What if people jeer at them?

Do you see this in yourself? Do you see this in your child? Do you desire to do your best to prevent this syndrome by eliminating this fear and replacing it with self confidence and poise?

The term “communication” embraces a wide range of situations, including the skill of public speaking, elocution, debating, discussing, listening, counselling, mediating, negotiating, teaching, instructing, marketing and selling.

Elocution is a style of speaking, especially in public. It is the art of public speaking in which gesture, vocal production and delivery are emphasised. It is the skill of pronouncing our words correctly.

It involves addressing and interacting with audiences, clients, students, customers, and colleagues in different situations such as live meetings, telephonic conversations and video conferences.

Join us on this journey to making public speaking fun. Stand up and speak out and hear the applause.

Transform yourself within 30 weeks to be a great speaker, even if you are little! Age is no bar (8 years to 80+ years). It is never too early or too late to begin. Dive right in. Enrol for this program by fixing an appointment for an Elocution & Public Speaking Evaluation Session.