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Speech & Drama

Why you should choose Lorraine Music Academy

At our Speech & Drama classes and workshops, we will help you experience many worlds for yourself in the company of others. You will receive speech & drama lessons whereby you will recitate poetry, you will hear and tell stories, you will act in plays, and dance as well.

Speech & Drama is what all human beings have done since the origin of the human race, and will continue to do forever. We cannot foresee technology taking over speech & drama.

Even as babies, we express ourselves and create drama by crying loudly, making sounds and expressions unconsciously that give exact clues to those around us about what we wish to convey. As we grow older, we begin to learn the language we hear, even before going to school. We start putting our feelings into words. We act good, we act silly, we act angry, we throw tantrums jsut to express ourselves and have our own way. As the world gets more complex, we need to stand out and be listened to. We cannot rely on native talent alone.

Speech & Drama as a subject goes much beyond our natural instincts and gifting of survival. This specialised training helps us to use the tools of speech and drama to carry our being into the world. It helps us to express our thoughts in the best possible manner – most delightfully and appropriately – in order to impact the listener / audience and get our ideas across.

Speech comprises of the voice, the language and vocabulary, and one’s experience, ie- one’s heart and feelings. This helps give each individual their unique oral signature.

Drama includes speech. To dramatise is to imitate or enact another character or a situation or an emotion or feeling. When we participate in drama, we get into another person’s world and experience & live their feelings. Drama certainly improves the emotional quotient exponentially by helping develop the virtue of empathy.

We become more sensitive, caring and understanding, which is what society needs today. In early days everyone went to opera, not only because it was entertaining, but because it improved the understanding of the depth of human emotion and behaviour.

Drama also helps develop imagination. Imagination, besides bringing happiness and laughter, also leads to great developments in art, design, architecture, science, commerce, etc. Great works are the result of great imagination. In today’s age, when technology is thinking for us and life can very logical and mechanical, drama is necessary to bring a balance and add that spicy colour to human life.

Enjoy the magic of speech & drama and be sure to over come your fears or shyness. Explore yourself and become the person you are meant to be!

Right from age of 4 years to 64+ years, it is never too early or too late to begin. Dive right in. Enrol for this program by fixing an appointment for a Speech & Drama Evaluation Session.