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Himno Nacional Argentino

Argentine National Anthem

The “Argentine National Anthem” (Spanish: Himno Nacional Argentino) is the national anthem of Argentina. Its lyrics were written by the Buenos Aires-born politician Vicente López y Planes and the music was composed by the Spanish musician Blas Parera. The work was adopted as the sole official song on 11 May 1813, three years after the May Revolution; 11 May is therefore now Anthem Day in Argentina.

Some first, quite different, anthems were composed from 1810; a version was then introduced in 1813, which was used throughout the 19th century. What is now officially codified as the state’s national anthem is shorter than the original composition and comprises only the first and last verses and the chorus of the 1813 “Patriotic March”, omitting much emotional text about the struggle for independence from Spain (“with strong arms they tear to pieces the arrogant Iberian lion”).

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