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Himno Nacional de Bolivia

National Anthem of Bolivia

The national anthem of Bolivia (Spanish: Himno Nacional de Bolivia), also known as “Bolivianos, el Hado Propicio” (“‘Bolivians, a Propitious Fate'”) and originally titled the “Canción Patriótica” (“Patriotic Song”), was adopted in 1851. José Ignacio de Sanjinés, a signer of both the Bolivian Declaration of Independence and the first Bolivian Constitution, wrote the lyrics. The music was composed by an Italian, Leopoldo Benedetto Vincenti.

It is a march in 4/4 time, although it is popularly sung in 12/8. It was premiered in the city of La Paz, in front of the Palacio de Gobierno, at noon on 18 November 1845, by about 90 instrumentalists belonging to the military bands of the 5th, 6th and 8th battalions. That day, the fourth anniversary of the Battle of Ingavi was celebrated with several acts of extraordinary magnitude, a highlight of which was the opening of the Municipal Theatre [es].

In 1851, during the government of General Manuel Isidoro Belzu, the national anthem of Bolivia was made official by a supreme decree, and it was sent out to print for distribution in schools. It has since been performed and sung in all official school functions

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