Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag

Bosnia and Herzegovina: National Flag

Državna himna Bosne i Hercegovine

The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has no official lyrics, though unofficial lyrics have been written for it.

Following the Dayton Agreement that ended the Bosnian War in the mid-1990s, Bosnian state symbols were mandated to be inclusive of the country’s main ethnic groups and not make any overt references to a specific one. The Bosnian national anthem that was in use at the time was considered to be insufficiently inclusive towards all of the country’s ethnic groups and thus the United Nations, which oversaw the country as part of the Dayton Agreement, decided to replace it with an instrumental one, which was considered by it to be more inclusive. In the two decades since its inception, various attempts have been made to adopt lyrics for it, most recently in 2018, but due to political disagreements, none have been successful as yet.

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