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Botswana: National Flag

Fatshe leno la rona

Blessed Be This Noble Land

“Fatshe leno la rona” (pronounced [ˈfat͡sʰɪ ˈlɛnʊ la ˈrʊna]; “Blessed Be This Noble Land”) is the national anthem of Botswana. The music was composed by Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete, who also authored the song’s lyrics. It was adopted when the country became independent in 1966. Since independence, the song is sung occasionally during the country’s important events such as Kgotla meetings, independence celebrations and other national events. The national anthem is highly respected to an extent that when it is sung movements are not allowed, people stand at attention, and security officers, like the police and soldiers, salute as a show of respect.

Source:Botswana National Anthem