Burkina Faso Flag

Burkina Faso: National Flag

Une Seule Nuit

One Single Night

“Ditanyè” (usually written “Le Ditanyè”), also known as “L’Hymne de la victoire” (“The Anthem of Victory”, Mossi: “Burkina Faso fãag-m-meng yɩɩlle) or “Une Seule Nuit” (“One Single Night”), is the national anthem of Burkina Faso. Former president Thomas Sankara, also a jazz guitarist, wrote the lyrics. The composer of the melody is unknown, but it has also been attributed to Sankara.

It was adopted during his presidency in a decree issued on 2 August 1984, effective midnight on 4 August 1984, the first anniversary of Sankara’s accession to the presidency. The decree also renamed the country from Upper Volta to its current name. The anthem replaced the “Hymne National Voltaïque”, the national anthem of Upper Volta.

Source:Burkina Faso National Anthem