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Lorraine Music Academy’s Choir Singing / Choral Singing, Lessons, Programs & Courses for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Our Choir Singing lessons, classes, programs & courses will help you bring out your hidden musical talents. Here, our Vocal lessons will help develop your Choir Singing learning skills. At Lorraine Music Academy, our trained choir singing teachers will help you to learn singing in a choir the right way. Our programs include choir singing lessons for kids / children and choir singing lessons for beginners. This also includes singing lessons for teenagers / youth and singing lessons for adults.


  • Do you wish you could sing?

  • Would you like to sing better?

  • Do you love to sing?

  • Is it your desire to be a singer?

  • Do you believe that you cannot sing because you think you do not have a singing voice?

  • Has someone discouraged you from singing or not encouraged you enough, but you still really want to sing?

Whatever are your answers maybe to the questions above, the time has come to raise your voice and sing. Here at the Lorraine Music Academy, we will certainly show you how. Shiv Khera says, “You can win” and Lorraine says, “You can sing”!

You should know that choir singing is good for you. You may or may not wish to become a popular singer like Julie Andrews, Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, Justin Bibber, Adele, Kishore Kumar or Sunidhi Chauhan. Buthowever, when you sing, you will experience a high in life because:

  • Choir singing benefits you physically

    When you sing, the amount of oxygen you take into the body increases as you take deep breaths. Thus more oxygen gets to your brain and hence you become more alert. Furthermore, singing makes you articulate and use facial expressions that as a result improves your muscle tone. It improves muscle tones in the face, throat, neck, jaw, thus creating a youthful experience. Moreover improved muscle tone on the larynx also helps to calm snoring, thereby improving sleeping and countering insomnia.

    It also helps in increasing and improving your well-being and health. Your thyroid gland, which helps balance metabolism, gets stimulated. It brings improvement in the muscle tone of your rib cage, your abdominals and back. This is because these muscles stabilize the larynx and control the outflow of air when you sing.

    In addition, singing enables us to fight disease as it boosts our immune system. It also helps reduce anger, anxiety and depression. Singing gives you a ‘molecular massage’ as it vibrates, shakes and resonates your core. This thereby detoxifying you at a ‘sub-atomic’ level.

  • Choir singing benefits you mentally

    As you learn to sing songs from the beginning to the end, the coordination between your brain and your body develops. Thus it increases your reading skills and motor skills. Singing exercises our structural capabilities bringing in discipline and method. It also helps us focus, avoid distraction, and calm negative thoughts. It shifts our mind from stressful and pressurizing thoughts and is hence a great stress management tool.

    Indeed, singing helps us to listen better and increases our levels of listening. In fact in a group, it brings about a great motivational level is us. Besides, it increases our self-esteem. Further, it expands our mind into the world of poetry and language. It enhances our gratitude and awareness of the world around us too.

  • Choir singing benefits you emotionally

    Singing softens us deep inside. It helps release locked-in feelings and passions, and it can also open the hardest of hearts. Repressed emotions and blocked feelings get released too. Singing ignites your passion, can make you cry, and make you laugh. Moreover, it releases endorphin and natural opiates in our body making us feel good. It creates a similar effect that we experience when we exercise physically. It helps people who are grieving or come to terms with loss. Thus it is a natural pain killer.

  • Choir singing benefits you spiritually

    “When you surrender to your voice within, you transcend your physical self,” – Sally Garozzo..

    It is a form of meditation. Choir Singing helps us to shift our focus from our usual life conditions towards something ‘other-worldly’. It is wonderful because it helps with relationships, connecting with people and also bringing them together. Further, it brings about a unity of factions, cultures, religions and races. It induces a happy mood and a positive energy that is infectious and helps everyone around.


Choir singing, or Choral singing, is when you sing along with a group to produce together a harmonious blend of sound.

Did you know that singing together is an ancient art? People in ancient Greece sang together because it was the best way to achieve social harmony and happiness. It was rather better than each man / woman to themselves. This practice continues even today, from days of purely unison singing, to polyphonic singing, Gregorian chant, madrigals, motets, masses, and choir singing in opera, in modern musical theatre, a Capella singing, and community choral groups.

Moreover, some communities and countries have indeed experienced the benefits of singing in groups. Therefore, let us experience this in India too! Come India Sing! We at the Lorraine Music Academy will help you nurture your soul through choir singing.

Singing is certainly the fastest and surest way to happiness of the heavenly kind! Hence, sing with your soul, and experience, spread and multiply the joy of song. Furthermore, create ripples of happiness and joy inside of you and all around you.

We will sing music of different cultures, in different languages, both Indian and International.

Lorraine Music Academy’s Choir Singing / Choral Singing Lessons, Classes and Programs.

Through our Choir Singing classes, education programs and courses we bring to our students musical experiences and musical memories. These memories will last for a life time. Thus, we expose our students to wide range of musical and creative opportunities to train, excel and develop great boldness. Likewise, we expose them through our training programs, workshops, recitals, concerts and public performances. Through music education we wish to provide children with social, knowledge and skill development opportunities. Also, we aim to promote in them a sense of self-esteem, success and pride. Hence we maintain a special learning environment designed to provide a rich and rewarding musical experience for each student.

We have different programs for students to learn the Choir Singing ranging from the Beginners level to Grade-8 level. Here we have a faculty of internationally qualified musicians under the talented headship of Lorraine Fiona Aloysius. She is the Creative Director & Principal of Lorraine Music Academy. Also, Lorraine oversees a regular visiting faculty. They come in from across the globe including some of the top global Colleges of Music & Drama. They teach our students during various periods of the year.

Importance & Relevance of our Choir Singing Graded Exams

As our student’s Choir Singing skills progress, growth in music theory and musicianship becomes more and more important. It is certainly important in helping him / her to perform with sensitivity, understanding and confidence. Lorraine Music Academy aims to give all our students a thorough understanding of the building blocks of music. This is done by firstly starting with the basics of rhythm and notes. Then next going on to cover harmony and counterpoint, composition, and a broad knowledge of western music. It includes composers and their works, structure, style and period. They are also trained to prepare for scales and arpeggios, sight-reading and aural tests.

Choir Singing Courses Assessments through Globally recognized Examinations:

Here at Lorraine Music Academy, we assess all our students through periodic Internal Exams. This is an integral part of our Choir Singing Courses. Furthermore, we also prepare our students for International Exams. World renowned & globally accredited organizations conduct these exams at our Music Learning Centres. They are Trinity College London, U.K., Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (A.B.R.S.M.), U.K., RockSchool, U.K. and London College of Music, U.K.

Choir Singing Exams & Grades:

Graded Music Exams indeed are great for improving a full range of skills and techniques. Moreover, they are great for learning new styles of music and also nurturing your musical skills. Grade Exams and Performance Certificates are available from Entry Level (Debut) up to Grade 8.

It is necessary for a student to practice CHOIR SINGING regularly. Regular practice at home is important after each learning session at the Lorraine Music Academy Centre. It is important because the student needs to get ready for the next learning session.

Join us on this journey to making Choir Singing fun. Sing your heart out and hear the applause.

Transform yourself within 30 weeks to be a talented musician of great potential, even if you are little! Age is no bar (4 years to 84+ years). It is never too early or too late to begin. Dive right in. Enroll for this program by fixing an appointment for a Musical Evaluation Session.

We conduct our Choir Singing lessons at our Music Learning Centres situated in Gurgaon / Gurugram, National Capital Region of Delhi. Our classes are held after school hours (afternoons & evenings) on weekdays including Saturdays. We do not conduct our classes on Sundays which is our weekly holiday.