Concert Series Donor Pass

As a result of Lorraine Music Academy®’s CSR & Responsible Citizenship initiative, we support LAMP® Trust’s Nation Building Projects utilising Music and the Arts – Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts. These include Concerts and Workshops. To avail of Donor Passes to attend these Concerts & Workshops.

  • You could become a member of LAMP® Trust and contribute Rs 10,000 to LAMP® Trust
  • For the above contribution, you will receive a receipt from LAMP® Trust which will enable you to claim an Income Tax exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act
  • Your above contribution to LAMP® Trust would entitle you to a total of 4 Donor Passes to the large venue external Concerts in a financial year beginning April 2019, and 4 Donor Passes for in-house concerts per calendar year in which your child is participating. (The Donor Passes for the concerts are not linked to your child’s performance. We encourage you to watch other performances as well.)
  • Additional Donor Passes for the large venue external concerts will range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 per Donation (depending on the seat & venue location).
  • Additional Donor Passes for internal in-house concerts will be Rs 500 per pass per Donation.
Concert series performance