Lorraine Music Academy’s CONCERT Series

In our endeavour to make good music happen in the lives of our students and the community at large, we have launched a series of concerts & events which include Musicals, Band Performances, Competitions, Choral Singing events and Solo Recitals for Singers, Pianists, Guitarists, Violinists & Drummers.

Lorraine Music Academy’s CONCERT Venues

The concerts and events will be held in our music learning centres, small venues, bigger auditoria like Kingdom of Dreams, India Habitat Centre, India International Centre, the Bahai Auditorium, Siri Fort Auditorium in Gurugram / NCR of Delhi. Later, our students will also get opportunities to travel and perform in cities across India and Overseas.

Enrol your child to participate in Lorraine Music Academy’s CONCERT Series

We invite your wholehearted commitment and support to make this happen for you / your child. Distinguished Guests will be invited to witness the performances and present awards. All students performing will get participation certificates and winners will get medals, cups or trophies.

Plan and prepare for your child’s participation in Lorraine Music Academy’s CONCERT Series

Please fill out the above form immediately, so that we can plan the next steps and include your child’s participation in our next concert.

Training for the above will require additional time and fees which will depend on what level of participation is being considered. The minimum level of participation would need 10 hours and the maximum can go up to 60 hours.


Concerts are live music performances before an audience. The concert performance could be by a single musician, a recital, by a group of musicians, or a musical ensemble that consists of a choir or a band or an orchestra. A concert performance could include a number of musicians range and variety of musical instruments.