Dr Darrell DeMello

Dr Darrell DeMello

General Practitioner, Practising Covid Expert, Telemedicine and Consulting Doctor

Dr Darrell DeMello is a Mumbai based Medical Doctor with considerable experience in the treatment of COVID-19. Trained in both Medical Science and in Business Administration, he comes with a long & distinguished career in business, spanning some 30 years. It was in 2018, that he got back into the practice of Clinical Medicine in Mumbai, India for both Corporate and General Practice Clinics. Since 2019 he had been a Consultant with Connect Heal and Care (CNH) that offered Telemedicine Clinics, as well as running his own Private Practice.

Regarding COVID-19, he has successfully treated till September 1, 2021 over 10,000 patients on an outpatient basis, using telemedicine and an Innovative Drug Therapy Program.

His treatment protocols consist of customised treatment packages for each and every patient based on a slew of factors. These include the stage of the disease in each individual and the degree of severity with which the individual is affected and the date on which the individual begins to display symptoms because of COVID, among more. As a consequence, he develops a personalized treatment approach for each and every patient based on these aspects.

Besides, it’s his practice to also prescribe a prophylaxis against COVID for all family members living with the concerned COVID patient. This is done to ‘sanitize’ all family members from getting infected and to stop the spread of the disease. And so far, he has prescribed a prophylactic protocol for more than 40,000 family members.

His treatment works to the end of arresting all the ‘clotting’ that sets into the lungs as well as cleaning up the ‘lung damage’ that happens with advanced disease. His experience has had him cleaning up lungs with a HR CT Scan Chest Severity Score of 15/25 and bringing it down to 0/25 within just 30 days.

Dr Darrell DeMello has 30+ years of experience in the medical field. Chief among some of the distinct companies that he’s contributed to, have been his tenures at Wyeth Labs (India), American Cyanamid (India), C R Bard (India), Boston Scientific (USA & India), ScyFIX LLC (USA) and Market Access India (USA).

Having performed a legion of roles handling numerous functions, ranging from Global Sales, Marketing and Market Development to Business Development and Strategic Management. He comes with a world of experience in General Management with Minimally Invasive Medical Devices in Interventional Cardiology, Vascular Surgery/ Interventions, Cardiac Surgery, Gastro-Enterology/Endoscopy and Ophthalmology class II and III Medical Devices to boot.

Researching reports from around the world on the virus and its many variants every day, he’s always been ahead of the learning curve. Bearing testimony to his expertise is that there have been no side effects trailing in with his treatment as in the dreaded Black Fungus or White Fungus among more. Bringing with him a world of difference in his personalized touch and care, he’s been salvaging many patients from the jaws of death at that.

Dr Darrell DeMello
General Practitioner
Practising Covid Expert
Telemedicine and Consulting Doctor

Kandivali, Mumbai, India

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