An Anthem for
Jana Gana Mana

On 14th August 2022, in a one-hour online concert streamed at midnight on the eve of the completion of India’s 75 years of Independence, Indians, Indian diaspora and friends of India played the Indian National Anthem from 5 continents and different corners of the world – USA, Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Australia and of course from India. The instruments the anthem was played on were Sitar, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Grand Piano and Keyboard.

This concert is organized by Lorraine Music Academy in an effort to teach the correct version of the National Anthem of India, to Indians, Indian diaspora and Indophiles around the world.

This is an ongoing movement. Please share freely and widely across all your entire networks globally to invite everyone to participate, learn and enjoy…🙏🙏

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