Lorraine Music Academy’s Music Classes, Lessons, Programs & Courses for children, teenagers, youth & adults

At Lorraine Music Academy, we believe that if our students can use their hands, then they can play an instrument (if they desire to). Through our music classes, lessons, education programs and courses we bring to our students musical experiences and musical memories. These memories will last for a life time.

Certificates, Exams, Accreditations & Affiliations

Certificates, Exams, Accreditations & Affiliations

All students of Lorraine Music Academy get assessed through our Internal Examinations. We have sent hundreds of students for International Examinations conducted at our Music Centers by world renowned & globally accredited organizations such as:

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, U.K.London College of Music, University of West London, U.K.Rockschool U.K.Trinity College London, U.K.
Events, Concerts, Workshops, Training Programmes

Events, Concerts, Workshops, Training Programmes

Lorraine Music Academy conducts workshops, training programmes, short courses, events and concerts on a wide range of the creative arts catering to children, teenagers, youth and adults.

All performing arts like singing, playing a musical instrument, speaking, acting, dancing, miming, poetry recitation and storytelling belong to the same big family. There certainly exists a close connection between them.

Each individual has indeed a unique talent. It could be a singing talent, or an acting talent, or a speaking talent, or musical talent for any instrument. In fact, many individuals have multiple talents. All they need is a little exposure, training and encouragement to discover and unleash their hidden creative talents and potential. Thus our Musical events and workshops give them the exposure they require.

Music Classes for Children

Very often we meet parents who complain that they would love their children to play well. Or that they are learning music lessons but their child isn’t driven enough to practice and spend time with their instrument. Sometimes, children are so eager to learn music lessons and they have such great talent. But both parents and children need guidance on deciding what kind of music lessons they should choose and learn. And also what instrument to choose.

If you have a child whose interest is in music, you might consider giving him / her music classes. Maybe you are not sure whether he / she has an inclination for music or not sure which instrument to choose. In that case we certainly recommend you to contact us for a consultation. Our experience over the years confirms that children who take music lessons achieve a much higher level of excellence. In fact they achieve excellence in anything they do.

Benefits of Music Classes for Children:

Greek scholars Plato and Aristotle said that while sports are important for the body, music is important for the discipline of the mind.

We go to the gym for physical fitness but we need to do music too. Because both listening and learning music is important since music is the gym for the mind. We believe that learning music lessons is important for activating, optimizing, and maximizing the potential of the human brain. It is more so for children. Neuroscience is beginning to prove this.

To put it simply, when the brain processes music, all the ‘lights’ come on in the brain. Music has no one selected mental circuitry localized in one or a few areas. It is completely a whole brain phenomenon. It activates motor centers that govern movement, emotion centers, language modules that process syntax and semantics, and auditory highways. When a child plays music, the stimulus created engages all aspects of our mental apparatus. It then compels them to speak to one another.

Learning music at Lorraine Music Academy is great fun. Here, learning music enables children to learn musical foundations in the proper way. Thus learning music with us enables children to perform confidently in front of people at home, at parties, at public gatherings, events and concerts.

Music Classes for Adults

Do you regret not pursuing music as a child? Would you wish to learn a musical instrument and discover your talent? Do you believe that you have more hidden and creative talents within you than you have discovered so far? Do you desire to play an instrument or sing at the next party or family gathering? Would you wish to see emerge in you a more relaxed and cool personality?

Working adults have stress at work and housewives have stress at home. Music has proved to be a great and effective therapy for coping and reducing stress. Italso enhances and brings to the fore the dimension of creativity in a person. Our adult programs have received a tremendousresponse. This is because music lifts your mood and stimulates creative thinking. Adults are great students. It is never too late to learn!

As adults, we stop learning the way we did when we were at school and college. For that reason our minds, brain, memory, attention, speed of learning new things tend to decline considerably. However learning music lessons is one of the best ways to stimulate and activate the brain, improve memory, and concentration.

Benefits of Music Classes for Adults:

All of us will agree that listening to music is a big de-stressor. Moreover, playing music on an instrument is many more times a de-stressor as compared to just listening to music. After you learn some music, you know you have a friend. Whenever you are feeling lonely or if you have a problem, just pick up your guitar and strum away. If you feel the need to get away, you can sit at your piano and play for yourself. You could even simply sing in front of the mirror.

Benefits of learning music are priceless. If you have music or singing as a hobby, you can easily get together with your musical friends and play and sing together. The endorphins released in your brain are greatly significant to create positive change in your mood. It is also significant in overall physical health; e.g. – blood pressure, heart rate.

Do not think that you cannot learn music lessons as an adult. If you have tried and failed, please try again. It may not have been your fault. It is most likely that the teacher did not simplify it enough for you. Maybe the teacher did not persuade you enough to persuade music further. It is never too late to learn music lessons!

Learning music at Lorraine Music Academy is great fun. Here, learning music enables you to learn musical foundations in the proper way. Thus learning music with us enables you to perform confidently in front of family at home, at parties, public gatherings, events and concerts.