Music Magic

Music Magic

Enjoy magical moments making MUSIC yourself by playing the Piano, strumming the Guitar, beating the Drums. Learn to Sing alone and with others, write your own Songs, unleash your Creativity and ENJOY!

At Lorraine Music Academy, we believe that if you can speak then you can sing, if you can walk then you can dance, and if you can use your hand, you can certainly play a musical instrument.

Connect with us and start playing and singing for yourself, family & friends. Register with us for an audition and you could even be on the Scholarship list for the year.

Have a listen to our students playing and singing. Join them and let the musical magic happen for you.

Aarav Srivastava on Piano, Student of Lorraine Music Academy

Kevin Chugh, Student of Lorraine Music Academy: Playing Jana Gana Mana on Guitar

A Rocking Musical Performance by Lorraine Music Academy Students

“Just Wave Hello” – Solo Singing by Sabina D’Souza, Student of Lorraine Music Academy

Band Performance RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER by Students of Lorraine Music Academy

Jingle bells Sad version on Piano by Shashwat Joglekar, Student of Lorraine Music Academy