Online Singing Classes / Vocal Singing Lessons for children, teenagers, youth & adults

Our online singing classes, lessons, programs & courses will help you bring out your hidden musical talents. Here, our online singing classes will help develop your singing learning skills. At Lorraine Music Academy, our trained singing teachers will help you to learn singing the right way. Our programs include vocal lessons for kids / children and vocal lessons for beginners. This also includes vocal lessons for teenagers / youth and vocal lessons for adults.


  • Do you wish you could sing?

  • Would you like to sing better?

  • Do you love to sing?

  • Is it your desire to be a singer?

  • Do you believe that you cannot sing because you think you do not have a singing voice?

  • Has someone discouraged you from singing or not encouraged you enough, but you still really want to sing?

Whatever are your answers may be to the questions above, the time has come to raise your voice and sing. Here at the Lorraine Music Academy, we will certainly show you how. Shiv Khera says, “You can win” and Lorraine says, “You can sing”!