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Concert Series Participation

In our endeavour to make more good music happen, we have launched the Lorraine Music Academy Concert Series.

We held 2 Workshops & a Musical Concert with the famous Austrian Pianist & Conductor, Mr. Matthias Fletzberger on 23rd, 24th & 26th April 2019.

Please click the web links below for photos and more information.

We have plans for the following series of concerts:

  1. A Baroque Concert
  2. A Concert on ABBA and Beatles (Band, Choral Singing, Musical Theatre)
  3. A Little Fingers Concert for children under 7 yrs of age
  4. A Choral Concert with a focus only on choral compositions of various periods
  5. A Christmas Concert
  6. A Concert with compositions of famous Classical Composers for Piano, Violin and Guitar.
  7. Indian Folk Song & Dance Concert
  8. A Band Concert featuring the latest Popular Music

We need to set the date of the concert 8 weeks from the date of registration of your child.

We will extend their classes and also have specific concert practice timings that they would need to attend, to ensure that they are prepared enough to participate. Each participant will have to attend atleast 10 Concert Series sessions for participation in each concert. If they need more practise, please be committed to bringing them for additional sessions.

Little Fingers and Voices event

Students who perform consistently at the in-house Concerts will be selected to perform at the large external venue concerts.

We would guide our students on their eligibility for the above Concerts. Please discuss with your child and tick the concerts that you wish to confirm their participation in. Please click on the link below to complete the Concert Series Participation Form

We will be inviting distinguished guests to watch this concert and hand over a certificate of participation to the participating students.

This is a separate program from the Music Examination program.

This initiative is totally separate from the Examinations. Students will not be allowed to play any exam pieces even if they are high scorers.

We will have 6 or more Performances in a year. The following are the Concert Series Preparations Fees:

Concert Series Prep Fees:

  • Concert Series Preparation Fee for 6 recitals :          Rs 30,000
  • Concert Series Preparation Fee for 4 recitals :          Rs 20,000
  • Concert Series Preparation Fee for 2 recitals :          Rs 12,000
  • Concert Series Preparation Fee for 1 recital :            Rs 7,000

Please click on the link below to complete the payment of your child’s Concert Series Preparation Fees:

Donor Passes:

As a result of Lorraine Music Academy’s CSR & Responsible Citizenship initiative, we support LAMP Trust’s Nation Building Projects utilising Music and the Arts – Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts. These include Concerts and Workshops. To avail of Donor Passes to attend these Concerts & Workshops,

  • You could become a member of LAMP Trust and contribute Rs 10,000 to LAMP Trust
  • For the above contribution, you will receive a receipt from LAMP Trust which will enable you to claim an Income Tax exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act
  • Your above contribution to LAMP Trust would entitle you to a total of 4 Donor Passes to the large venue external Concerts in a financial year beginning April 2019, and 4 Donor Passes for in-house concerts per calendar year in which your child is participating. (The Donor Passes for the concerts are not linked to your child’s performance. We encourage you to watch other performances as well.)
  • Additional Donor Passes for the large venue external concerts will range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 per Donation (depending on the seat & venue location).
  • Additional Donor Passes for internal in-house concerts will be Rs 500 per pass per Donation.

There will also be a Music Quiz for participants. All those who have enrolled on the Music Appreciation Program are eligible to participate in this Music Quiz Contest.

Concert series performance